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[Tlhingan-hol] mu'mey ram

lojmitti7wi7nuv ([email protected])

qen naDev vIghItlhtaHvIS tlhoy DIvI' Hol vIlo'pu'mo', DaH tlhIngan Hol vIlo'choH. QIn potlh vIHutlh. jIjatlh neH.

chay' tlhIngan Hol vIghojta'? muQaH nuq? jISIv. jIqawchoH.

qaStaHvIS wa' jar, ghItlh HoD Qanqor. [If you are new to the language, {HoD Qanqor} is a person's name. It doesn't follow the rules of normal placement of military titles, but that's because the individual who claims this as a name chose it before those rules were established, and he chose not to change his name in order to backfit his name to the rules.]

ghItlhtaHvIS, DIvI' Hol lo'Qo'. tlhIngan Hol neH lo'. Qaghbe'.

nap QInmeyDaj. ngeD vImughmeH Qu'wIj.

ghojwI'pu' Holtej [In English, this is "Beginners' Grammarian", not "Students' Linguist", and this is just how I am choosing to translate the term; others have done it differently.] jIHmo' QInmeyvam vImughnIS. Qu'wIj 'oH. [I'm speaking of a period of time in the past, not now.]

roD, ghItlhDI' latlhpu', vImughlaHchu'be'. pIj Qagh. pIj Qatlh. HoD Qanqor laH Doj law', Hoch laH Doj puS.

HoD Qanqor tlhoblu'DI' DIvI' Hol lo' ghItlhwI'. jangDI' HoD Qanqor, tlhIngan Hol neH lo'. ghItlhwI'vaD HoD Qanqor QIn vImughnIS.

vaj law' QInmey'e' ghItlhchu'pu'bogh HoD Qanqor, 'ej Hoch vImughnIS. vaj qaStaHvIS wa' jar, jIqeqqu'. Dub laHwIj.

[SKI: The most instructive time of my life as a student of the Klingon language came because when I was the Beginners' Grammarian, Captain Krankor became frustrated with the large volume of verbose English messages on the list and the paucity of anyone using the Klingon language, and he took a vow to write to the list exclusively in Klingon for a month. People would write him a question in English and he would reply in Klingon, and it was my task to translate his reply into English for those who could not understand it.

That gave me a month of intense practice translating simple, elegantly written Klingon into English. Until then, much of the Klingon text written to the list was so poorly done that it was impenetrable for me. Having so much well-written Klingon to translate did more for my skill with the language than anything else before or since.

Continuing in that spirit, this message shouldn't be TOO hard or TOO complex, or TOO long for those of you interested in the language to translate, though I do not claim the degree of elegance with the language that Captain Krankor had then, and has still. We are all at a loss for his discontinued participation, and that of marqeS and others, though ghunchu'wI', among the last of the old guard, still participates, and there are many fine newer Klingonists who deserve much respect for their work here.

I'm implying no disrespect for anyone, regardless of their tenure here. Every contributor deserves respect, whether I think to mention them or not. I am not important enough to judge who deserves respect here. One's reputation here is the result of one's contributions more than any praise or absence of it following those contributions.]
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