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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Star Trek Into Darkness (OST) 06 -" spoiler

De'vID ([email protected])

> So Michael Giacchino has apparently given a number of interviews in
> which he's claimed that it's real Klingon. [...]
> According to him, the Klingon phrases were supplied by the wife of
> Alex Levy, his music editor, who (the wife) allegedly speaks Klingon.

The intrepid André Müller has actually tracked this down! He attended
a live performance of the music, and managed to speak to Alex Levy's
wife (who provided the Klingon translation and who apparently actually
does speak some Klingon).

The repeated background phrase in STID which we couldn't decipher was:
{Heghjaj Harbe'wI'pu'}, glossed as "may the infidels die". (!)


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