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[Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 28

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

This paragraph gets you to the end of page three of an eight page story.
Torgh has started shooting out of a side corridor at three guards. He winged
bachtaH torgh. 'avwI' cha'DIch pIp qIpDI' tIH Dej ghaH, 'ej 'avwI' wa'DIch
qIpqa'DI' torgh, HoH, 'ach yoDSutHey tuQtaH 'avwI' wejDIch. lupummoHbe' ro
luqIpbogh tIHmey puS 'ej torghDaq bachchoH ghaH. wanbe'mo' DIn loQ torgh
Qan, 'ach ghaHDaq Sumqu'mo' juSbogh tIHmey, pobDaj QamchoHmoH 'ul. DoH
torgh. DaH leghchuqbe' ghaH 'avwI' je. 'Ijqu' torgh. jatlhtaH 'avwI'. pav
ghoghDaj. mu' <tlhIngan> Qoy torgh. ghaytan QumwI' lo'.
If you can read that, great. If not, I help you below. If you can read it
but want to help me express myself more clearly, keep reading and let me
know if any of the things I say I have done don't work for you.

bachtaH torgh.  (-taH = continuous action on the verb. "Torg goes on
shooting," "Torg keeps shooting."
'avwI' cha'DIch pIp qIpDI' tIH Dej ghaH, "When [from -DI'] the beam [tIH]
hits [qIp] the second guard ['avwI' cha'DIch] he collapses [Dej ghaH." I
used ghaH hear to clarify that it was not the beam nor the spine that

'ej 'avwI' wa'DIch qIpqa'DI' torgh, HoH, "And when Torg hits the first guard
again, he kills him."

'ach yoDSutHey tuQtaH 'avwI' wejDIch. "But the third guard is wearing what
may be 'a shield suit'." yoDSut = shield suit yoDSutHey = what appears to
be/what may be (to the person whose point of view we are reading) a shield
suit. "But the third guard is wearing some sort of armour." 

lupummoHbe' ro luqIpbogh tIHmey puS 'ej torghDaq bachchoH ghaH. "A few beams
[tIHmey puS] which hit the torso [ro luqIpbogh] do not make him fall
[lupummoHbe'] and he starts shooting at Torg." I didn't use -'e' on tIHmey
puS because a) interpreting the subject as "the chest which a few beams hit"
won't be a showstopping confusion and b) the verb prefix indicates that
there is a plural subject. I used the explicit ghaH here to say "and HE
starts shooting at Torg."

wanbe'mo' DIn loQ torgh Qan, "Because the entranceway is not straight, it
protects Torg a bit."

 'ach ghaHDaq Sumqu'mo' juSbogh tIHmey, "But because the rays which pass are
very near to him."

pobDaj QamchoHmoH 'ul. "Electricity makes his body hair stand up." 

DoH torgh. "Torg backs off." 

DaH leghchuqbe' ghaH 'avwI' je. "Now he and the guard do not see one

'Ijqu' torgh. "Torgh listens hard."

jatlhtaH 'avwI'. "The guard is speaking."

pav ghoghDaj.  "His voice is urgent."

mu' <tlhIngan> Qoy torgh. "Torgh hears the word "Klingon."

ghaytan QumwI' lo'. "He probably uses a communicator."

I'm playing with my explainifying formats. If you find one more educational
than another, let me know.

- Qov

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