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[Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 20

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

People encouraged me, so I'm still sending these things. Maybe a quarter of
the way through the story now.
"Ha'," jatlh tlhon, 'ej yItchoH. tlha' torgh. may'luch pa' lughoS. torghvaD
QumwI', nISwI' HIch, SIp botwI', SIp SuQ 'aplo'mey, luch qogh je nob tlhon.
luch qogh tuQmoH torgh 'ej 'oHDaq luch HuSmoH. Duj lutIj. SaH bIp, maQ je.
jatlh maQ, "SIp SuQ. maj. DaQollu'taHvIS botwI' yItuQtaH."

Ha'  = come on, let's go
may'luch = battle gear
may'luch pa' = "battle gear room"
Note that the destination is the direct object of ghoS, common with Klingon
verbs of motion.

"Let's go," says Nostril, and starts walking. Torg follows.

SIp botwI' = gas blocker, gas preventer - you don't know what this is on
first read and I don't expect you to. I hope context and detail will make it
SIp SuQ 'aplo' = toxic gas container - again, it may not be very clear what
this is. It's something there isn't a specific Klingon word for. I'm hoping
the reader will hold in her head the nebulous idea of what these things
might be, until it becomes clearer.
luch qogh = equipment belt/ear = again, not a set term in Klingon. I'm
hoping the reader will choose which makes more sense. I often write yopwaH
qogh or nach qogh for this reason.

" They go to an equipment room. Nostril gives Torg a communicator, a
disruptor pistol, a gas blocker, toxic gas canisters, and an equipment

lugh qogh tuQmoH Torgh = "Torg puts on the equipment belt/ear" (as
clothing). That should clear up the belt/ear problem, right?

'ej 'oHDaq luch HuSmoH = he causes equipment to hang on it = "And he hangs
equipment on it."

jatlh maQ, "SIp SuQ. maj. DaQollu'taHvIS botwI' yItuQtaH."

maQ's instruction reveals the SIp botwI' as something one wears. Does it
make sense now?

"maQ says, "Toxic gas, good. Wear the blocker as you are beamed out."

- Qov

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