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[Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 53

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Torg passed out after being reunited with his crew.
vemDI' torgh pengDaq ghaHtaHbe'. QongDaqDaq ghaHtaH. 'oy'taH chorDaj 'ej
pujtaH ghaH, 'ach 'arghHa'bejpu' ghu'.  loj baS jej. jul ghogh Qoy. "maQ,
vemlI' SIDwI'," jatlh jul.
"qaSpu' nuq?" jatlh torgh.
jatlh jul, "chorlIj vIHaqta'. baS DI vIteq. luHlIj, chejlIj je vItI'. SoHvaD
'Iw lunob maQ, 'eng je."	
mIS torgh. jatlh, "jIHvaD 'Iw lunob'a' chaH?" lujpu' torgh. qatlh lujwI'vaD
'Iw nob tlhIngan SuvwI'?
jatlh jul, "Dunobqang Hoch, 'ach 'Iw SeghlIj lughaj chaH neH."
vemDI' torgh pengDaq ghaHtaHbe'. = "When Torg wakes up he is not in a

QongDaqDaq ghaHtaH. = QongDaq is a noun, so QongDaqDaq is IN that noun. "He
is in a bed."

'oy'taH chorDaj 'ej pujtaH ghaH, 'ach 'arghHa'bejpu' ghu'. = "His belly
continues to hurt and he is weak, but the situation has definitely changed
for the better."

loj baS jej. = "The sharp metal is all gone."

jul ghogh Qoy. = "He hear's Sun's voice."

"maQ, vemlI' SIDwI'," jatlh jul. = "maQ, my patient is waking up," says Sun.

"qaSpu' nuq?" jatlh torgh. "What has happened?" says Torg.

jatlh jul, "chorlIj vIHaqta'.  jul says, "I performed surgery on your

baS DI vIteq. I removed metal debris.

luHlIj, chejlIj je vItI'. I repaired your intestines and liver.

SoHvaD 'Iw lunob maQ, 'eng je." = maQ and 'eng donated blood for you.

mIS torgh. = Torgh is confused.

jatlh, "jIHvaD 'Iw lunob'a' chaH?" = He says "THEY gave me blood?"

lujpu' torgh. = "Torg has failed."

 qatlh lujwI'vaD 'Iw nob tlhIngan SuvwI'? = "Why does a Klingon warrior give
blood to a loser?"

jatlh jul, "Dunobqang Hoch, 'ach 'Iw SeghlIj lughaj chaH neH." = Sun says,
"Everyone was willing to give it to you, but only they had your blood type."

I like that jul answers his question with her part in what has happened
since he passed out, because that's presumably the part Torg didn't know
about. She doesn't realize that there's another chunk of information missing
for Torg. And that she calls the boss before doing anything else as he wakes
up. I like this part. I'm allowed to like my own story, right?

- Qov

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