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[Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 49

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

The story continues, but not for too much longer. No beginners have asked me
any questions about the material, so I'm going to deem this mostly a
failure, and try something else, maybe starting in February.

Torg has disassembled a torpedo.
pengvo' jorneb yuv torgh. rartaH 'ul SIrghmey.  'aplo'Daq vIng nguSDI' 'e'
Qoylaw' torgh. rugh ngaS peQchem 'e' Sov. peQchem chu'Ha'lu'chugh rugh ngaS
pagh 'ej tengchaH pej.

yo' qIj ghoS'eghrupmoH torgh. qorDu'Daj qaw. maQ qaw. cha'bIp 'IH qaw.
romuluSnganpu' HoHlaHbogh qel. chorDaj 'oy' qel. yo' qIj toy'rup. taj lel
'ej 'ul SIrghmey pe'chu'. 

qaS pagh.
pengvo' jorneb yuv torgh. =  The first noun is marked with -vo' indicating
motion away from, so it sets the scene of the action. Whatever happens in
the rest of the sentence happens as motion away from the torpedo. A noun
marked this way has to go first. bIt doesn't even make sense at the end.
"Torg pushes the warhead out of the torpedo."

rartaH 'ul SIrghmey. = "Electricity lines go on being connected."

 'aplo'Daq vIng nguSDI' 'e' Qoylaw' torgh. = "In the container a motor
whines - Torg uncertainly hears that." i.e. "Torg thinks he might hear a
motor whining in the container."

rugh ngaS peQchem 'e' Sov. = "He knows a magnetic field contains
antimatter." That's about all farmboy knows about torpedes.

peQchem chu'Ha'lu'chugh rugh ngaS pagh 'ej tengchaH pej. "if the magnetic
field is deactivated, nothing will contain the antimatter and it will
demolish the spacestation."

yo' qIj ghoS'eghrupmoH torgh. "Torg makes himself be prepared to go to the
black fleet."

qorDu'Daj qaw. "He remembers his family."

maQ qaw.  "He remembers maQ."

cha'bIp 'IH qaw. "He remembers the beautiful cha'bIp."
romuluSnganpu' HoHlaHbogh qel. "He considers the Romulans he can kill."
chorDaj 'oy' qel. "He considers the pain of his belly."

yo' qIj toy'rup. "He is ready to serve the Black Fleet."
taj lel 'ej 'ul SIrghmey pe'chu'. "He gets out his knife and cuts right
through the electrical lines."

qaS pagh. "Nothing happens."

 It's a military grade weapon, not a terrorist IED, so it is designed to be
handled safely when not armed. 

- Qov

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