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De'vID (

> It's like {chuQun} "nobility" -- while I am
> absolutely certain that it was supposed to mean an attribute similar
> to {nur} "dignity", it's now widely recognized through usage to refer
> to {joHpu'} "lords and/or ladies".

> Do we have any info at all which meaning of "nobility" was intended for {chuQun}?

A search for co-occurrences of "noble" or "nobility" and Klingon in
TOS scripts reveals some interesting facts. Sample search:

The words "noble" and "nobility" don't seem to have appeared in any
TOS movie scripts.

The word "nobility" does not appear in any TOS episode script, but
"noble" appears in a few. The only episodes where it appears with
"Klingon" are "The Day of the Dove" and "Elaan of Troyius". The word
"nobles" (in the plural) appears only in "Elaan of Troyius".

In "The Day of the Dove", Kang refers to Kirk as "your noble captain",
which is the only usage of the word in that episode. The phrase "noble
captain" also appears in "Plato's Stepchildren" (the next episode in
production order), but that episode has no Klingons. In "Elaan of
Troyius", there is a council of nobles and one of the main characters
is said to have come from a noble family, though there is only one
appearance each of the words "nobles" and "noble".

There is good indication that TKD contains enough to translate every
word in "Elaan of Troyius". For example, that episode contain the only
references to Troyius ({Doy'yuS}) and radans ({Dom}), both found in
TKD. The lines with "noble" are:
- "Kryton was of a noble family."
- "I explained to Her Glory that her council of nobles and the Troyius
Tribunal jointly agreed that I should instruct (pause) make her
acquainted with the customs and manners of our people."

OTOH, the word "dove" in the title of "Day of the Dove" does not
appear in TKD (nor does a word like "bird" which would have allowed it
to be translated). Neither does the word "devil", which is spoken just
before the bit about "your noble captain" (though {veqlargh} was added
in the Addendum).
- "We have no devil, Kirk. But we understand the habits of yours. I
shall torture you to death one by one until your noble captain cries
enough. Who will be first?"

This seems to suggest, at least to me, that {chuQun} is in TKD because
of "Elaan of Troyius", and hence "nobility" in TKD was intended to be
not the attribute similar to dignity, but rather the concept of a high
birth or a distinct privileged social class, and maybe even to
{joHpu'} collectively as a class or group.


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