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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] tlhIngan Hogh jajmey pongmey

De'vID (

>> DaSjaj - "Monday"
>> povjaj - "Tuesday"
>> ghItlhjaj - "Wednesday"
>> loghjaj - "Thursday"
>> buqjaj - "Friday"
>> lojmItjaj/ghInjaj - "Saturday" ({lojmItjaj} is used for more formal
>> occasions, but both are used interchangeably otherwise)
>> For weekdays above six, such as found on alien calendars, they're
>> simply counted starting with {jaj wa'} for the seventh weekday:
>> jaj wa' - Terran "Sunday" (no analogue on the Klingon calendar); note
>> that this is consistent with its usage from Star Trek The Exhibition
>> jaj cha' - Lenmakian "Eighth-Day" (no analogue on the Klingon
>> calendar); Lenmak is a culture with an eight-day week

> What is this?

tlhIngan Hogh jajmey pongmey bIH. Delpu' malth. De' vIQay neH.


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