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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Stonewall Poster Goes Klingon ...

Steven Boozer (

>> As for {-Qo'} vs. {-Ha'}: they're not quite the same thing. {-Qo'} is
>> the imperative counterpart of {-be'}, so {yIqImQo'} would mean "Don't
>> pay attention to it". {yIqImHa'} is "Disregard it", using the gloss of
>> {qImHa'} as "disregard". Although, now that I think about it, I can't
>> think of a canon example of an imperative with {-Ha'}, so maybe that
>> was a mistake too. (Voragh, do we have any such examples?)

Prefixed commands:

  So'wI' yIchu'Ha' 
  Disengage cloaking device! ST3

  disengage it!  TKD

  Stop relaxing! CK

  qablIj yon yI'aghHa' 'aghHa'pa' 'etlhwIj. 
  Scrape that smug look from your face before my blade
   does it for you. (STConst p.259)

> I can think of one: jol SeHlaw lItHa'! from the PK section on animal
> commands.
Ther'e another Clipped pet command, this time with with {-Qo'}:

  QuchwIj roSQo'!
  Do not lick my forehead! PK

perhaps because *{roSHa'} "un-lick, lick wrongly" makes no sense WRT licking.  (Or isf there is, the subtleties would surely be lost on your pet!)  There are though the verbs {roS} "use the third toe" and {roSHa'moH} "paralyze" for which {-Ha'} does make some sense:

HQ 10.2 p.10-11:  {roS} "use the third toe" is phonetically identical to {roS} "lick" as well as the {roS} found in {roSHa'moH} "paralyze". The verb for paralyze consists of three elements: the verb {roS} (of unclear meaning), {-Ha'} "undo", {-moH} "cause". Thus it may be literally translated as "cause to no longer {roS}" or "cause to {un-roS}" or the like. A verb {roS} having anything to do with general mobility does not occur except in {roSHa'moH}. If the toe verb {roS} is the same verb, "paralyze" means cause to not use the third toe. Perhaps mobility of the third toe was associated somehow with mobility in general. Indeed, there is an idiomatic expression {pe'vIl roS} "he/she uses his/her third toe forcefully" which conveys the idea that he or she is particularly agile or nimble or spry. On the other hand, maybe the motions of the Klingon third toe look like a tongue licking.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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