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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Knitting" in Klingon

De'vID (

>> I recently came across someone using *{vaDmuv} as a verb
>> meaning "to knit" (e.g., a sweater) on Twitter. It doesn't
>> look like a Klingon verb. Actually, it looks like two Klingon
>> verbs stuck together (but then again, so does {He'So'}).
>> [...] Is this a legit word?

> Nope.  *{vaDmuv} = "be flexible + join"

*sigh* Oh, well, I suppose it's hopeless to correct the Internet, and
*{vaDmuv} will join the ranks of well-known pseudo-Klingon alongside
*{yIghoSDo'} and "urkuk lu stalga". Although people will want to say
"to knit" a lot less often than they want to say "Good luck" or "I
love you", so maybe this one won't spread.

> I might have said something like *{SIrghmey muv/bagh} "join/tie strings (threads)".  (A {muvwI'} is a suture, from {tuj muvwI'} "thermo-suture".  {bagh} has never been used in canon.)

Interesting that the {muvwI'} refers to the "suture" itself, and not
to the device or person who makes it ({muvmoHwI'}?).

> Knitting needles though could well be called {(muvmeH/baghmeH) naQHommey} "(joining/tying) sticks", like those used to strike percussion instruments (cf. KGT 74-75).

Or maybe {Sut naQ} "clothing stick" like {Soj naQ} "food stick (chopstick)".


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