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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] tlhoS

Rohan Fenwick ( [KLI Member]

ghItlhpu' Alex, jatlh:
> I just heard that there is an adverbial, {tlhoS} "almost, nearly, virtually,
> not quite" (adv). It's perfect - I needed just this word - but I have to know:
> are there any special instructions for its use in a sentence? Or is it
> straightforward enough to just bung it in the sentence before the regular
> {OVS} construction like {jaS} and {nom} and {pe'vIl}?

Yep, it should behave like any other ordinary adverb in that regard; there's no indication in KGT that it's one of the odd ones (which remain limited to only neH, jay' and je).

> I was thinking along the lines of wondering whether it could be used like
> {neH} to modify a noun - *{loD tlhoS ghaH puqloDlI''e'} Your son is almost
> a man*;

Not that I know of, and in any case it strikes me as really bizarre. If you stick any other verb at all in there, you'll see its full weirdness. *{loD tlhoS qIpta' puq} *"the child hit the almost-man"? Awful.

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