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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Do you, personally, accept non-Okrandian Klingon?

De'vID (

> There are, in fact, two Klingon words I have not seen written in
> tlhIngan Hol canon (in Okrandian transcription) before. It's true that
> they are not "new" words, in that we've heard them onscreen before,
> but we hadn't seen them written. However, since the publication date
> is Apr. 23, I'll wait the 30 days before discussing them.

The 30 days passed a while ago. The two
not-really-new-not-really-canon-words were:

p. 4: {ghIlo'meH} -'meH

p. 7: {gho'rIch} - Not translated, but clearly a "zit" or "skin
blemish" in context. We heard this word in "Star Trek: Insurrection",
where it was pronounced "gorch".


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