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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: pagh

Steven Boozer (

>> Don't confuse {pagh} "zero" with {pagh} IKC Pagh (ship name),
>> {pagh} "or, or else, either/or" (conj.), {pagh} "nothing, none"
>> (n) or {pagh} "no one" (n).

QeS 'utlh:
> Or {pagh} "Eric Andeen". {{:)
> Kidding aside, since numbers can be used as nouns (TKD p.54),
> {pagh} "nothing, none" (n), {pagh} "no one" (n) and {pagh} "zero"
> (num) are almost certainly the same lexeme, so can probably be
> "confused" with abandon.

I take your point, but one shouldn't confuse them when translating from Klingon into another language... or relying on an online translation program!  E.g.

  pa'vo' pagh leghlu' 
  The room has no view. CK
  (i.e. "from the room zero is seen") 
  (or "from the room nothing is seen")
  (or "from the room no one is seen")
  (or "from the room the [IKC] Pagh is seen")
  (or "from the room Pagh is seen")

[I suppose that if the room has no view, it doesn't really matter what you can't see!]

  Qu' buSHa'chugh SuvwI', batlhHa' vangchugh, qoj matlhHa'chugh,
   pagh ghaH SuvwI''e' 
  If a warrior ignores duty, acts dishonorably, or is disloyal,
   he is nothing. TKW
    (or "he is no one")
    (or "he is a zero")
    (or "he is Pagh")

  lojmIt poSDaq Daq pagh 
  No one eavesdrops at an open door. PK
   (or "Pagh is eavesdropping at the open door")

  yay 'oS bey. 'IQ pagh. 
  This yell is victorious in nature, rather than mournful... S31
   (or "... Pagh is sad")  ". {{:(

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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