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[Tlhingan-hol] qep'a' vIghoS/I will go to qep'a'

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

qep'a' vIghoSlaHmeH, loSHu' nutoy'choH chach 'orwI'. (jIropchugh taHlaHmeH
malja' 'ut je, 'ach qaSpa' qep'a' qaSnIS 'e' Sov pInwI').  loS  wen qep'a'
vIDIl. DaHjaj muD Duj chaw' vIje' 'ej mebpa'mey vIDoQ. cha' QongDaq pa'
vIghaj 'ej wav neHchugh vay vIghIbchu'. jeSchugh QeS vaj ghaytan pa'wIjDaq
matay' (wejlogh qaSDI' lurDech 'oH!) 'a jeSlaHbe'chugh mumuvlaH latlh. loD,
be', loD maSwI', be' maSwI' joq SoHchugh jISaHbe': tlhIngan maH. DajeS
DaneHqu'chugh 'ej mebpa'mey DaDIllaHbe'chugh, bIjeSmeH chaq DuQaHqang Qov.

'angghal tetlhDaq wej pongmey neH lutu'lu'. buD'a' 'angghal pagh SubuD'a'
tlhIH? jeS 'Iv? qep'a' DaghoSmeH nuv chu' muvqangmoHbe''a' pInlI'?
We just brought on an emergency pilot so I can go to qep'a'. (She's
essential so business can continue if I get sick, too, but my boss knew it
had to happen before qep'a').  I paid for qep'a' four months ago. Today I
bought a plane ticket and reserved the hotel. I will have a two-bed room and
if someone wants to share it, I fully consent to that. If QeS is coming then
likely we'll be together in my room (three times is a tradition!) but if he
can't come another one can join me. I don't care about sex or sexual
orientation: we're Klingons.

There are only three names on Lawrence's list. Is he lazy or are you guys?
Who's going? Isn't your boss willing to recruit a new hire so you can go to

- Qov

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