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[Tlhingan-hol] Possible 'egh reference

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

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<TITLE>Possible 'egh reference</TITLE>
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<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">I&#8217;m reading through a vocabulary list for proto Indo-European (precisely because I DO have something better to do) and find</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri"> the word egH.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"> <FONT FACE="Calibri">Meaning I</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">, which was originally ic. The same word is across Europe</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"> <FONT FACE="Calibri">in ego and ich</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri"> and jeg and ya.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri"> I can&#8217;t be the first Klingonist to notice this</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">, but I figured if I hadn&#8217;t seen it, you might not have either.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"> <FONT FACE="Calibri">It&#8217;s good to have something to help me remember my PIE roots.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">-&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"> <FONT FACE="Calibri">Qov</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

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