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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Chicago qepHom (read this even if you aren't near Chicago)

De'vID (

> Chicago-area Klingonists ‘arHa and janSIy host an awesome qepHom on Monday
> nights, 7-9 pm Chicago time, that’s 00:00 UTC. We started our meetings last
> year on Skype, but lately it’s been on Google Hangouts because we’ve had
> better connectivity. It’s not limited to Chicago area people. You just need
> to be willing to try to talk and listen.
> Tonight a long-time member of this list who’s never been on the hangout
> before joined us and it was great fun, so I wanted to let others know that
> there’s a regular venue available for practising your tlhIngan Hol.

I saw on my phone this morning I missed at video call at 3:30 am...

Do'Ha', qepHomvamvaD jIjeSlaHbe'... qaStaHvIS poHvetlh motlh jIQonglI'mo'.


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