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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: 'echlet

Steven Boozer (

Fiat Knox [corrected]:
> Is there a *{Quj 'echletHommey} anywhere for "playing cards"?

No, surprisingly.  Examples of {'echletHom} from Monopoly (MKE):

  CHANCE 'echletHommey COMMUNITY CHEST 'echletHommey je qa' 
   quv 'echletHommey vIq 'echletHommey 
  je COMBAT and HONOR cards replace Chance and Community
   Chest cards. MKE 

  cha'maH chorgh yer ghajwI' chaw' 'echletHommey 
  28 Title Deed cards. MKE

  wa'maH jav quv 'echletHommey 
  16 COMBAT cards. MKE

  'echletHom Dopvam yIcha' 
  card must be turned this side up MKE

But since we do have {Quj 'echlet} "game board" (MKE) and {QIn 'echletHom} "postcard" TNK, *{Quj 'echletHom} would not be unexpected.  BTW a pack (i.e. a complete set) of such cards may well be called a {vey}.  Cf.:

  wa' tlhIngan QaS vey 
  one pack of Klingon Forces. MKE

("Klingon Forces" is what is used in the game instead of filthy lucre ["What are we? Ferengi?!"]:

  Quj wa'DIch MONOPOLY Huch nav qa' tlhIngan QaS 
  Klingon forces replace original MONOPOLY bills. MKE )

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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