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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: ronmoH

Bellerophon, modeler (

<div dir="ltr">ron&#39;a&#39; rutlh? ronchugh puH Duj rutlhmey, rutlhmey ronmoH&#39;a&#39; jonta&#39;?<br><div class="gmail_extra"><br></div><div class="gmail_extra">In English of course, wheels roll when moving unpowered, although it is about the lateral axis and not the longitudinal. Once the wheels are powered and propelling the vehicle, it is more usual to say &quot;turn,&quot; v.i. or v.t. If they rotate under power without resistance, we say &quot;spin,&quot; also v.i. or v.t. And we use &quot;turn&quot; (v.i. or v.t.) to denote rotation of steerable roadwheels and of the vehicle about the vertical axis, as well as of the steering wheel about its axis. This is all totally idiomatic, as if devised to confuse non-native speakers.</div>
<div class="gmail_extra"><br></div><div class="gmail_extra">Klingon seems to share English&#39;s abundance of verbs related to rotational motion (ron, tor, Der, jIr, DIng, tlhe&#39;, Qach, bav, even nughI&#39;), and Klingon usage might be just as idiomatic as English. One hopes that some day Maltz will shed more light on idioms regarding rotational motion. But in Earth&#39;s 23rd century there seems to be a scarcity of wheeled vehicles, so he may be unfamiliar with idioms concerning those.</div>
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