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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] {qoSta'} clarified

De'vID (

> [It does BTW appear in the ST:Klingon! (KCD) novelization (p.85f.) and maybe the game itself (can someone check?):
>     The bartender nodded and before a moment passed he had
>   returned with three bottles. He sat them on the bar and
>   pointed at each in turn.
>     "{ngaSwI' wej. HIvje'mey.}"
> As I recall the bartender wasn't a Klingon, so that may explain his grammar:  "Bottle(s).  three. Glasses."  (Note that this appeared before {bal} was published in KGT although {bIQ bal} "water jug" was used in the KCD game itself.)]

It's been a long time, and I don't have the ability to run the game
any more, but wasn't that line spoken by Gowron or Pok? IIRC, the
bartender gave Pok a choice of three bottles of drinks of various
strengths, and {ngaSwI' wej} is a request for "bottle number three".
But I may be wrong about that.


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