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[Tlhingan-hol] New word: bridge

Qov (

I'm not simply posting the whole messages because Marc's is not readily
interpretable without reference to mine, and mine is interspersed with
personal fangirlish stuff.<br><br>
I asked:<br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite="">I know Maltz is not always
amenable to questions, but if he is in the mood, perhaps you could get
him to speak about three things. In short, they are bridges, screws and
While I can describe a &lt;bIQtIq HeHmey rartaHbogh ravHom&gt;
(&quot;floorlet which is connecting a river's edges&quot;) it becomes an
exercise in mental gymnastics for me to write about and then the reader
to recognize a bridge. Especially when I go on to describe a scene of
actions taking place on under and around said bridge. If it's important
to Maltz, the bridge in question is a rope suspension bridge with wooden
planked footing, and crosses a river.&nbsp; </blockquote><br>
<b>The word for &quot;bridge&quot; (as in over a river) is &lt;QI&gt;
(one of those weird vowel-final words). Maltz said that would apply to
the kind of rope bridge you described (as well as more substantial
bridges). </b></body>

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