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Doq (

English has definite (the) and indefinite (a, an) articles. Many  
languages don't. Of the polyglots out there that speak other languages  
that lack articles, is there any common way to differentiate between  
"I see an enemy," and "I see the enemy" besides the ubiquitous  
linguistic band-aid of "context"?

Anything more brief than {wa' jagh neH wIghaj. vIlegh,} for "I see the  
enemy."? Or {jaghmey law' wIghaj net Sov. wa' vIlegh.}?

I was walking by a theatre and could only see the marquee listing  
three of what I knew were six movies. I said to myself, {nuq 'oH  
latlhmey'e'?} Then I wondered if I should have just said {latlhmey  
nuq?} Then I wondered how I could have made it clear that I was asking  
"What are the others?" and not just "What are others?"

wej lut pong vIleghlaH. jav tu'lu' 'e' vISov. nuq 'oH latlh'e'?

<<yoS Hut>> vIbej. lutvam Huj, 'ach vItIv.


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