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RE: mech

Steven Boozer (

>> Do we have any canon on how to use mech?

No, the verb {mech} "trade" has never appeared in canon.  We don't know whether it means "trade X for Y" or "engage in trade, trade (with)" or both.

Cf. {tam} "substitute, exchange"; {tlhong} "barter, bargain"; {je'} "buy, purchase"; {ngev} "sell"; {DIl} "pay for"; {malja' Huq} "transact business".

Klingon comments on trade in TOS:

"You've tried to hem us in, cut off vital supplies, strangle our trade! You've been asking for war!" (Kor, TOS "Errand of Mercy") 

In 2267 Klingon agent Krell told village headman Appela that killing has pleasures: "It's easier than trading and it has rewards-like the hunt." (TOS "A Private Little War")

>> I'm trying to say "I want to trade my X for your Y". Is it as simple as:
>     DaqtaghlIjvaD betleHwIj vImech vIneH

See the discussion of {tam} in the "Ditransitive reflexives" thread:

>{tam} means "exchange, substitute," so {yuch lutampu'} probably means 
>"they substituted chocolate (for something else)."
>Without reflexive pronouns, I don't see any way to express this short 
>of completely recasting it. Knowing the context would be necessary for 
>this. For example, {muSHa'chuqmo' be' loD je, bangDajvaD yuch nobpu'
>Hoch qoch.}

SkyBox card S33 may be relevant here as well:

  boq lucherDI' tlhIngan wo' romuluS Hov wo' je So'wI' cham Suqpu'
   tlhIngan wo'. chaq tampu'.  chaq romuluSnganpu'vaD pIvghor cham
   lunobpu' tlhInganpu'. 
  Cloaking technology was gained through an alliance with the Romulan
   Star Empire, possibly in exchange for Warp Drive technology. 

Canon Master of the Klingons

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