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RE: 'Iwtob

Steven Boozer (

David Kummer wrote:
>> Post that on a blog, but get rid of the "Okay I'm making this up" bit
>> and see how far it spreads? :P
>> (What's kivon?)
>qIvon qIvon je! qIvon nuq jay'?!

But to answer David's question:

{qIvon}  body part (not further identified) KGT

TKW 174:  "It is not clear what a {qIvon} is, aside from the fact that it is a Klingon body part..."

"Klingonese word (pronounced 'KEE-von') for an object of anatomy, apparently coming at least in pairs:  Kor's left QiVon aches whenever his ship hits Warp-Factor 8. ([DS9] 'Blood Oath')" (KLS dB) 

The Okuda Omnipedia identifies "QiVon" as being another word for knee. (mIqIraH)  [N.B. {qIv} is the usual word for "knee".]

  bIrchugh qIvon tuj 'Iw 
  If the qIvon is cold, the blood is hot. TKW 

TKW 174: "the real meaning of the saying is a little obscure. It probably means something like `Even though some parts of the body may be cold, a Klingon's blood is hot'--that is, he is ready for battle."

Canon Master of the Klingons

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