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Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen ( [KLI Member]

I need several volunteers to assist me with a project that will  
benefit the entire membership.
To be eligible, you must be able to perform a high resolution scan  
(300 dpi) and save the resulting image as a JPG or TIF file.

It would not hurt to be in possession of various issues of HolQeD  

For the initial phase of this project I need between six and ten  
people, and probably no more than an hour or two of your time.
I'd particularly like to hear from people who aren't part of the  
usual group (and I think you know who you are).

With luck (and a break in my own schedule), the results will be  
available to the membership by the end of December.

If you'd like to volunteer please respond by email to: MERCHANT (at)  


Lawrence M. Schoen, Ph.D.
Author / Publisher / Psychologist / Klingonist

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