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Re: The topic marker -'e'

Fiat Knox (

*Qoy* is the act of hearing, particularly of hearing something spoken, or a significant or meaningful sound - *'Ij* might merely mean to use one's ears to perceive a sound.

"yI'Ij. nuq DaQoy?"



It might be the difference between "to look" (use one's eyes) and "to see" (to register what one's ocular perceptions are showing to one's brain). *Qoy* might mean to let a message soak in, as in the Klingon anthem "Qoy qeylIS puqloD" - which is why is isn't "'Ij qeylIS puqloD" instead.

If Morpheus in The Matrix Reloaded had been speaking Klingon, and believe me what movie's entertainment value would not be vastly improved by the replacement of all its dialogue with tlhIngan Hol, he'd have probably begun his famous Speech on the Mount with something like *SaIyon! HIQoy!*


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