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Re: Klingon Sentence Structure

Fiat Knox (

(6.1, TKD p. 59) The basic sentence structure is


So a sentence like "The alien put down the phaser" would come out as

pu'HIch roQ nov

(pu'HIch phaser; roQ put down; nov alien)

You're also going to have to read up on verb prefixes and suffixes (p. 32 of TKD) for sentences involving first and second person subjects and objects ("I, me" and "you") such as vulqangan Hol vIjatlh "I speak Vulcan" and juDevnIS "You must lead us" but basically for beginning level Klingon sentences of the "the officer hit the prisoner" kind, 6.1 is the place to start.

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> I got my Klingon Dictionary and I have been trying to
> figure out how to write a grammatically correct Klingon
> sentence.  I haven't been able to figure it out. Can
> someone help me (in English please)?  

> Sample sentence: You and I visited Earth. 


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