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Re: chay' chIjmeH tlhuDtaHbogh Hovmey DIlo'laH?

qa'vaj (

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 3:06 PM, Steven Boozer <> wrote:
> "How to use pulsars for interstellar navigation"
> Not sure about the placement of {chay'} - before or after {chIjmeH}?
> For the astronomy buffs... Lacking a word for pulsar I came up with
> {tlhuDtaHbogh Hov} "star which continuously emits (energy/radiation)" on the
> model of {Dejpu'bogh Hov} "collapsed star".  Right or wrong?
I think ghunchu'wI' has the right idea with 'blink'.  I just don't see any
convenient way to express it.  {wovtaHbe'bogh Hov} probably means "star that
isn't shining any more", and {wovqa'taHbogh Hov} probably means "star that
is in the process of shining again."

Maybe something like {wov 'ej wovqa'bogh Hov}.

qo'lIj DachenmoHtaH

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