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Re: "She Grows (Medicinal) Herbs"

MorphemeAddict ( [KLI Member] [Hol taghwI']

In a message dated 5/28/2009 06:47:10 Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> ghItlhpu' Alex, ja':
> >No, if I'd said "firewood," I'd have used a term more like "nInvaD tI."
> motlh DIp-DIp mu'tlheghHom DIp wa'DIchDaq Segh vaghDIch mojaq lo'laHbe'
> vay'. yap {nIn tI} ('ej ghaytan {nIn} neH lo'lu' 'e' vIHar}.
> Remember that you should avoid using a Type 5 suffix on the first noun of
> a noun-noun construction. {nIn tI} would be fine (and in all honesty, I
> think a Klingon might even simply say {nIn}).
> QeS 'utlh

or {meQmeH tI} or even {tujmoHmeH tI}?

lay'tel SIvten

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