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RE: "She Grows (Medicinal) Herbs"

Fiat Knox (

I think that the context of the use of the word "poch" plant (v) infers that the object will be vegetable - based, so I'd feel comfortable considering sentences such as:-

I'm going to use the following at some point, as you have suggested:-

Hergh tI wIj be' - She farms medicinal vegetation

Hergh tI poch be' - She plants medicinal vegetation

but also

Hergh tI tlhab yob be' - The woman harvests wild medicinal vegetation

vutmeH tI wIj - (She) farms (vegetation for cooking) herbs (spices?)

Hergh poch - (She) plants medicine (the use of poch infers that the Hergh will be of in the form of tI)

The hallucinogenic suggestions work ok for me, too:-

najmoHmeH Hergh
vulmoHmeH Hergh
QongmoHmeH Hergh
jotmoHmeH Hergh, perhaps?

and perhaps even

tI SuQ - poisonous vegetation

though the use of any of these herbs against a warrior expecting to go into battle would be considered extremely dishonourable, naturally.


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