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nuq bach?

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Fiat Knox wrote:

> nuq bachpu' puqloD - what did the boy shoot?
> puqloD bachpu' nuq - what shot the boy?

Just a minor digression. I believe KGT tells us that /bach/ takes the 
thing projected as its object:

	nISwI' HIch tIH bach yaS.
	The officer shoots the disruptor pistol beam.

But because things like /tIH/ are so commonly shot, they are often 
dropped from the sentence, leaving the weapon which did the firing as 
the object of /bach/:

	nISwI' HIch bach yaS.
	The officer shoots the disruptor pistol.

If I am remembering this correctly, you cannot say */puqloD bachpu' nuq/ 
"What shot the boy?" unless the answer were a trapeze cannon or the like.

If this is correct, a sentence like "The officer shot the criminal" has 
to be said something like this:

	bach yaS; HeSwI' mup.
	The officer shot; he hit the criminal.

(That's assuming I've got the right sense of /mup/ "impact, strike." 
pojwI' tells me that /qIp/ "hit" refers to hitting with a hand, fist, or 

David Trimboli

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