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Re: Klingon Anti-Virus

ghunchu'wI' (

On May 19, 2009, at 9:28 AM, wrote:

> 2) Have you ever participated in the "Google in your language  
> program"?

Yes, I have.  However, given your description of the difference  
between Google and Sophos, the question doesn't seem important.

> Like Google, Sophos gave me strings of text to translate, often  
> with computer code in the middle of it. Unlike Google, there was no  
> way to know *exactly* how the text would be used.
> There were no noun/verb markers, and no "preview" mode to see real  
> text plugged into the sentence.

Is there a reason you couldn't just ask Sophos for that information?   
Without that option, I probably would simply have looked at the  
English version of the software to find the proper context.

> I was also stuck with the program's bias towards English word order.
> For example
> "The scanner is"
> Well, presumably there's a field to be filled with "running/paused/ 
> etc.". But that's not how the Klingon wants to work.

This strikes me as a non-problem.  The immediately obvious solution  
to the particular example here is to translate "The scanner is" as a  
null string, "running" as {QaptaH HotlhwI'}, "paused" as {yevpu'  
HotlhwI'}, etc.  But I do appreciate the general discontinuity  
between the languages when faced with such challenges.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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