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RE: Computer words

Steven Boozer (

nughel naHQun:
>I'm working on a project and need to know if we have any "accepted" terms
>to refer to current computer operations. 
>I realize Klingons have no need to refer to 21st century Human computers,
>but I do.

IIRC there have been several attempts to collect computer-related terminology over the life of this list.  Search the archives {tamey gho'}.  

In the interim here's what I found searching "computer" in my files (N.B. this includes much speculation and many non-canonical suggestions made over the years on this mailing list [ML]!):


De' data

De'wI'  computer 
 - Qum De'wI' communications computer KBoP
 - ya De'wI' tactical computer KBoP

*De'wI' ghew  computer virus ML

*De'wI' mIw  computer program ML (vb. ghun)

De'wI' pat  computer system KBoP, computer network ML
 - De'wI' patmey computer systems KBoP

*De'wI' QujmeH naQ  joystick (Qov)

De'wI' Qulpa'  computer research lab KBoP

*De'wI' Quv  website, URL (DloraH)

*De'wI' rop  computer virus (De'vID)

*De'wI' SeHlaw  computer keyboard, computer control panel
 - "The 'finger verbs' are used when talking about specific ways of using a particular device (weapon, computer control panel, even musical instrument)" (HQ 10.2:8)

De'wI' SoSbor'a'  main computer core KBoP

*(De'wI') ta' choq  to "save" a file (computer) file (?). Cp. {pol}  " keep, save" and {polHa'} "discard" KGT, "delete (i.e. computer file?)"

*De'wI' veQ  spam (cf. *veQ QIn)

*De'wI'ghom  Internet, network, LAN, cyberspace (DloraH); "computer complex" (?) 
 - The Federation's library/research computer complex on the Memory Alpha planetoid was completed in 2269. (TOS "The Lights of Zetar")
 - The M-5 multitronic unit was called a "computer complex" for controlling all functions of a starship by Dr Daystrom in 2268 (TOS The Ultimate Computer")

*De'wI'na'  ultimate computer (?) (TOS The Ultimate Computer")

*De'wI'QeD  computer science KLI, cybernetics

*De'wI'tej  cyberneticist

*De'wI''a'  super-computer; mainframe

*jabbI'IDghom  mailing list, newsgroup, discussion group (ML)

ghun  program (a computer) (vb.)

*ghunHa'ghach  computer virus 

*ghunchu'wI' "Hacker" ML; (i.e. Alan Anderson)

*ghunmeH Hol   programming language 
 - "Var'aq is a programming language based loosely upon the grammatical structure of the Klingon language. It was created as part of a speculative exercise in imagining what the computer culture of the fictional Klingon race might be like, and was created by Brian Connors and Chris Pressey c. 2000." (Wikipedia; for details see'aq_programming_language ]

*ghuntaHghach  programming

*ghunwI'  computer programmer

qawHaq   memory banks, data banks, memory core (?)


KGT 71:  The word used for "compose" is {qon}. This verb also means "record" and is used whether the recording is by hand ... in a medium suitable for a computer, or any other form.

KGT 79:  By extension, the term {raQ} is also used when referring to controlling a space vessel "manually" (that is, when the controls are manipulated directly by a person rather than a computer)...

KGT 101f.:  When taking a table's order, the {jabwI'} neither writes anything down nor enters data into a computer.

Clipped Klingon is used to addressing computers:
  HablI', Su': labbeH.
  Ready to transmit. ST3 
May be a command to her computer: "My interpretation of Valkris' line in ST3 as a command to the data-transceiving device ['Data transceiving device, attention: prepare to transmit.'] ... was confirmed. Apparently the subtitle 'Ready to transmit' is not very good... When I mentioned to Okrand at qep'a' loSDIch that I thought that this was in the form of a 'pet command', he said it was a valid interpretation." (ghunchu'wI')

"[In re] 'beings which are capable of language'. They must be a 'being', which rules out things like computers. And yes, it must be able to use language. This was not simply another way of stating sentience." (DloraH, personal communication with Marc Okrand, May 1998)

Canon Master of the Klingons

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