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Re: Klingon orthography

MorphemeAddict ( [KLI Member] [Hol taghwI']

In a message dated 6/27/2009 15:11:42 Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Look at Cherokee. Sequoia came up with a hand-written script mostly  
> made of loops, imitating cursive English which he had looked at, but  
> couldn't read, and he took it to a typesetter and asked if he could  
> print this. The typesetter ignored what Sequoia did, except to reach  
> in his box and grab 89 characters (later dropping one, since two of  
> them were eventually discovered to be identical in sound) and randomly  
> assign them to each letter of the syllabary and those arbitrary  
> characters (normal roman characters set sometimes at unconventional  
> orientations) are now the official Cherokee alphabet.

Of the 85 symbols in the Cherokee syllabary, 22 (D W W R L 4 T H h C A Z V 
K J M S i E R P B) look like regular English letters (yes, there are two 
versions of W and two of K).  Two others look like upside down versions of P 
and L.  No other orientation of regular English letters is used.  That leaves 
63 symbols that are either completely different or markedly different from 
regular English letters.  None of those 63 would have been found in any 
typesetter's type box.

So, as nice as this story is, I don't think it's true.

lay'tel SIvten

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