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Klingon translation

Terrence Donnelly ( [KLI Member]

(I don't think this made it to the list; if it did, my apologies)

> --- On Fri, 6/26/09, ghunchu'wI'
> <>
> wrote:
> > 
> > {'Iv HoS law' latlh HoS puS"} "Who is stronger than
> the
> > other one?"
> > 
> On further consideration, I don't think this really
> expresses "Who is the stronger?" I realize that the law'/puS
> construction is fossilized and not really open to
> interpretation as a typical Klingon sentence, but I think of
> it as two declarative statements: X A law' Y A puS == 'The A
> of X is much, the A of Y is little'. So, "The strength of
> who? is much, the strength of another is little'.  I
> just don't think you can use 'Iv with law'/puS at all. On
> the other hand, it does seem that the law'/puS verbs can
> take some verb suffixes, so I propose again {SuS bIr HoS
> law''a' qo' Hov HoS puS'a' pagh qo' Hov HoS law''a' SuS bIr
> HoS puS'a'} 'Is the cold wind stronger than the homestar, or
> is the homestar stronger than the cold wind?'. Each of the
> comparisons is definite, and the question becomes which of
> the two options is true.
> Or, for a completely different recasting, how about {SuS
> bIr qo' Hov je qellu'taHvIS, HoSqu' 'Iv.}. As an 
> "indirect question", this would become {SuS bIr qo' Hov je
> qellu'taHvIS, Hosqu'bogh Dol yIngu'}.
> -- ter'eS 

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