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RE: chay' "Get out of the way!" ra'lu'?

DloraH ( [Hol po'wI']

> Steven Boozer wrote:
> > Actually my objection wasn't to the placement of conjunctions in
> > general, but the placement/use of {pagh} "or else, either/or"
> > specifically, which (to me) implies a choice between only two
> > options:  either/or.  Using it with three options seemed odd...
> > rather like speakers who misuse "on the other hand".  E.g.:
> I see. We shouldn't look at it as a logic problem though. In 
> English we 
> can say, "I could be right, you could be right, or he could 
> be right." 
> That's an exclusive or, but one with three possibilities.
> I do not believe that /pagh/ or /ghap/ are allowed only two arguments.
> -- 
> David Trimboli

I look at "either" as differentiating it from "and/or", not as a two-option limitation.


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