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Re: 'oQqar pe'pu'bogh; naQHommey rur ghIq mIQpu'

Terrence Donnelly ( [KLI Member]

--- On Sun, 7/26/09, qe'San (Jon Brown) <> wrote:

> What I'd like to know is, does anyone
> understand my following sentence:
> 'oQqar pe'pu'bogh; naQHommey rur.  ghIq mIQpu'

At first glance, the phrase {'oQqar pe'(lu')pu'bogh} seems mis-placed and has no grammatical connection to the following: "cut-up tuber; it resembles sticks."

I think you want something like "Cut up a tuber until it resembles little sticks, then deep-fry it." Or maybe phrase it as a description and not a command.  When I wrote some Klingon recipes, I used the descriptive: "The cook does X, then Y, etc.", figuring that Klingons don't like to be ordered around, even by a cookbook.

Also, I don't think you need the {-pu'} suffixes. Presumably, the tuber was cut up on purpose, so you could use {-ta'} on the first verb. I don't think you need any suffix on the second.

-- ter'eS

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