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Re: Klingon keyboard

rklingonwarrior ( [KLI Member]

OK, to throw a monkey wrench in the works, or perhaps a targ-wrench would be more appropriate,?lets not forget that the keyboard is set by the reletive use of the keys.? Would the layout of the Klingon letters be most appropriately situated where their like-sounding counterparts are placed in the Terran languages?? Also, there is a significant difference in using the Klingon letters to spell the words than using the Romanized letters especially when it comes to the 'tlh', 'gh', and 'ng'.? Or, I might just be a little to analytical over the silly stuff.
-veS joH
FOB Marez, Iraq

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From: James <>
Sent: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 9:12 am
Subject: Re: Klingon keyboard

>> Not sure about the layout, but Cherry is an American company (they make
>> switches, and builds keyboards from them). This keyboard is from a UK
>> reseller, so I'd guess it would have a UK layout
> Okay, I might be wrong about the origin of Cherry, the page gave a link to
> "Further information on the Cherry keyboard range can be found at the Cherry 
> an this cherry website is german...
> (wikipedia gives the solution to this: it's an american company owned by a 
german company)

Ah, I didn't know they got acquired. All I know is that Cherry makes 
some nice switches (and keyboards) way back when in the 80's or so. 
There are still a few keyboard manufacturers out there that advertise 
the fact that they use Cherry keyswitches for reliability (or feel, or 
the clicky sound).

Their official site is (popped up in English 
here). According to their website, they started in Illinois in 1953, and 
were acquired by a German firm in 2008.

>> US keyboards are QWERTY, German ones are QWERTZ... on a US layout, the Z
>> key on the bottom row beside the left shift.
> Exactly, and the picture of the klingon keyboard shows the layout as QWERTZ, 
since the letter Y is where you expected
> it..
> To complete this discussion, this is the layout of this klingon keyboard:
> Q w e r t (gh) u I o p
> a S D ng gh H j (e) l
> y ch v (ch) b n m
> The (gh) in the first row fills the letter Z
> The (e) in the second row fills the letter K
> (this should have been lower case {q})
> The (ch) in the third row fills the letter X
> this should have been {tlh}, and they messed up the correct order. Or is this 
a US layout?

I guess they're depicting a German layout for whatever reason.

Wikipedia has a nice diagram showing US and German layouts:



I'm not sure what layout they're using...

> Quvar.

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