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RE: Conlang music

Elizabeth Lawrence ( [KLI Member]

I wrote a lullaby in klingon, and I know Qanqor HoD has written a number of original pieces.  There are also any number of other people who have translated songs into klingon, but I'm guessing you are more interested in the original works.

> Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 11:43:43 -0800
> From:
> To:;;;;;
> Subject: Conlang music
> Hi all!
> What music do you know of whose lyrics are in a conlang?
> Have any of you created such?
> I ask partially out of simple curiosity, but also partially by
> request; Swandive Films' conlang-themed movie is nearing completion
> (it's in post-production, with filming and first pass editing
> complete), and they are interested in conlangy music to use in the
> film.
> (FWIW, we're also interested in using such music for the LCS podcast.)
> Thanks,
>  Sai

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