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Re: Nova

nahqun (

jatlh David:

>I used to repeat this falsehood myself. It's not true.

Good to know. Both the fact and the website.

>There are numerous examples of cross-language puns in Klingon. Most of 
them were created intentionally by Marc Okrand, including {Sab}.

Puns or not, Chevy story or not, my first question still stands.

Several years ago, I found a cute little bottle of juice at the store. I was thinking about buying it when the brandname "pom" caught my eye. Still haven't tried it.

On the other end: A few weeks ago I said to myself <jIghung. ghem vISop vIneH.>
MO has told us that "midnight snack" is a common translation for "ghem", but that it's really a meal of some substance. It's the meal between dinner and breakfast. It's "fourthmeal".
A stretch? Perhaps. But whenever I use "ghem", I think Taco Bell.


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