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Re: LiveJournal Request

Thorwald Peeters ( [KLI Member]

<citaat van="Alex Greene">
> I just noticed a request on the Star Trek LiveJournal community from a
> blogger called "watersheerie" (
> looking for information on Klingon.
> Here is the wording of the request on the community at
> -
> "Language Help
> "Does anyone know of a good site for finding English-Klingon phrases and
> translation? I've never learned any Klingon, so I wouldn't know what is
> correct or not, so I'm wondering which site would be the most accurate."
> If anyone from here is on LiveJournal, perhaps you could assist.

I am on LJ, and as far as I'm concerned, the best translations are to be
gotten from either me (with a little help from here) or better still
(helped by common sense) from the two known (by me) incarnations of mu'
Thorwald Peeters

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