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Re: {-ghach} revisited (yet again!)

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

> SuStel:
>> So use {-ghach} when you very specifically want to talk about a
>> THING, abstract or otherwise. Where English uses endings to
>> nominalize adjectives, Klingon does not have to nominalize verbs
>> with {-ghach}. (E.g., don't bother talking about "happiness" in
>> Klingon unless you're actually addressing the idea of happiness;
>> stick with "being happy" otherwise.)
> Chris's reading of Okrand's interview in HQ 3.3 is a good rule of
> thumb:  Don't put {-ghach} on the bare verb stem.

I was not talking about {Quchghach}; I was using "happiness" to 
illustrate a concept, not a translation. I could have said "continued 
happiness" instead, but that would have obscured the point by focusing 
on a translation instead of a concept.


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