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RE: {SIq} (was Re: Facebook in Klingon)

Seruq (

> The Klingons would note, with amusement, the Terrans' use of 
> the verb "to act with middle digit" as a gesture of defiance.
> And that is not poking, either.

When giving that gesture the verb would not have an object.
ghaHDaq jIqay - I point my middle finger at him.
(ghaH) vIqay - The target person is the object, you are touching them.

Now with /ghaHDaq jIqay/ you are pointing AT him, but with the usual middle finger gesture one
normally points up, /DungDaq bIqay/.  To address this act to the other person perhaps we could use
-vaD.  /ghaHvaD DungDaq bIqay/. ?

     When used with nouns with the
locative suffix {-Daq}, the finger verbs
mean "point (with a specific finger)
at or towards." For example:

{maghwI'Daq jISIq}
I point at the traitor
with my index finger


I point out the traitor
with my index finger
({maghwI'} <traitor>, {jI-} <I>)

{DungDaq qan}
point the little finger upwards
({Dung} <area above>)

     There are some special uses of
the reflexive forms of the finger
verbs. For example, while {ghIchwIj
vISIq} means "I touch my nose with
my index finger" ({ghIch} "nose,"
{-wIj} "my," {vI-} "I [do something to]
it") and {ghIchwIjDaq jISIq} means
"I point at my nose with my index
finger" ({-Daq} "to, at," {jI-} "I"), the [[p.9]]
phrase {ghIchwIjDaq jISIq'egh} (with
{-'egh} "oneself"), literally "I use at
myself my index finger at my nose,"
is used for "I pick my nose with my
index finger." Similarly, {nujDajDaq
rIl'egh ghu} ({nuj} "mouth," {-Daq}
"his/her", {-Daq} "at, to," {-'egh}
"oneself," {ghu} "baby"), literally "at
his/her mouth, the baby uses at
him/herself his/her thumb," is used
for "the baby sucks its thumb."


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