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Doctoral project on the Klingon language - bing thanks!

Karolina Kazimierczak (

Dear All,
Some of you may know me from personal correspondence. Other may (or may not) remember my only message posted to this list over three years ago when I was looking for help in my PhD project on invented languages (especially Klingon language and Tolkien's Elvish languages) and the communities of their users.
Since that first message, I have been silently lurking on this list, reading your discussions and learning a lot about the Klingon language and its scholarship.
Now I?ve come out of the shadow once again to let you know that this year I finally finished my research at Lancaster University and successfully defended my doctoral thesis, titled: ?Translating Imaginary Aliens, Transgressing Imaginary Scholars: Invented Languages and the Performances of Fan/Scholarship?.
I wanted to thank you all for accepting my presence on this list and for allowing me to get a glimpse of what the community of Klingonists and Klingon fans is (or is not).
Best wishes to you all,
Karolina Kazimierczak


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