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RE: Measurments

Steven Boozer (

<> wrote:
>> vatlh DIS poH  KGT   n  century
Mark J. Reed:
>Readily analyzable as "100-year period", so that's not really a
>separate unit.  Presumably you could also use {wa'maH DIS poH} for
>"decade", {SanID DIS poH} for "millennium", etc.

KGT 205f.:  Similarly, the Klingon words {jaj}, {jar}, and {DIS} are normally translated as "day", "month", and "year", respectively, but the length of a Klingon day, month, or year is not the same as the Terran counterpart. Calculating the length of a Klingon day, month, or year is not at all a straightforward exercise, but suffice it to say that a period of five months is not the same amount of time as a period of {vagh jarmey}.

>Assuming {maqtagh} is the name of a {jar}, we know that a {jar} can in
>some cases consist of 43 or more {jaj}.

Miscellaneous information on Klingon {jarmey}:

{QI'lop}, the holiday honoring the Klingon military, occurs in the tenth Klingon month. (PK) 

Alexander was born on the 43rd day of Maktag. (TNG "New Ground") 

The {Batlh jaj} is held on the 4th day of the 9th month. (VOY "Day of Honor") 

Kohlar asked the pregnant B'Elanna, "Did you conceive during the holy month of Nay'Poq?" (VOY "Prophecy") 

... and FWIW from the pro novels:

Lo'Bral, Soo'jen, Merruthj and Xan'lahr are other months "in the Year of Kahless" sequence. ("Excelsior: Forged in Fire" [2007])

Canon Master of the Klingons

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