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qep'a' update - July 22 thru 26

Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen ( [KLI Member]

I've locked in the specifics for this year's qep'a':
We're back in the same hotel, at the same price, as last year.

Basically, the information at /stuff/qepa.html
is correct, except for the dates (and the -DIch).

As usual, the qep'a' will start on Wednesday evening, informally
gathering as people trickle in. We'll end on Sunday morning,
with people trickling out around noon (I have a birthday party
to get to that starts at noon, and you're all invited).

If there is an interest, we will have Certification testing available
on at least two days of the qep'a'.

Saturday is traditionally our caberet and pizza night. You have just
under three months to come up with something to dazzle us (and
to figure out what you want on your pizza).

With a bit of luck, we'll get the Merchant page tweaked so you can
pay your registration in advance (which makes it easier for me,
and one less thing you need to worry about at the qep'a').

And, because this year is the qep'a' wa'maH javDIch, I am declaring
an unofficial theme of "vehicles" for the conference. I'm not sure
what form this theme will take yet, but I'm sure we'll come up with

So, who's going to be there?

Lawrence M. Schoen, Ph.D.
Author / Publisher / Psychologist / Klingonist

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