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qep'a' this summer?

Zrajm C Akfohg (

I'm seriously thinking of attending the qep'a' this summer, and so I
have a few questions.

Would anyone like to share a room?

Also, it'd be nice to stay for maybe a week afterwards (or come a week
early) -- is there anyone who'd like to show me around, or someone who
just wants/needs to practice their (spoken) Klingon with me?

I'm not a very demanding guest (and I'd be more than willing to return
the favor, should my host or hosts ever come to Uppsala, Sweden). I'm
gonna check out couchsurfing, but I'd very much prefer someone with a
little knowledge in Klingon. :)

As of yet no travelling schedue is decided on my part, and I'm open to
suggestions and ideas.


  Zrajm C Akfohg   Mobil: 076-211 50 43   E-post:
  Villav.33, 2tr   Telefon: 018-500 911
  Upsala, Sweden   ICQ-nummer: 16769663   voDleH Hol DajatlhlaH'a' je?

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