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Re: Some clueless newbie questions

Steven Boozer (

At 12:36 PM Thursday 5/24/2007, Aaron Lewis wrote:

>I'm still foggy about how to translate "to be" into Klingon.  Namely, I'm not
>at all sure about negative constructions.

Okrand writes:

   [{be'}] is the general suffix of negation, translated as English "not".
   It follows the concept being negated. {vIlo'laHbe'} "they are useless
   to me, I cannot use them", {jISaHbe'} "I don't care" (which of several
   courses of action is followed), {qay'be'} "it's not a problem, no problem
   (exclamation)." (TKD 46f)

If you are using a pronoun as a verb to translate "to be", you negate it by 
simply putting {-be'} on that pronoun just as if it were any other 
verb.  Here are some examples:

   tlhIngan jIHbe'
   I am not a Klingon! CK

   loD Quch jIHbe'
   I am not a merry man. TKW

   pa' jIHpu'be'
   I wasn't there. TKD

   tajwIj 'oHbe' chorlIj jeqbogh Dochvetlh'e'
   That is not my dagger protruding from your midsection. FTG

>Quch jIH "I am happy", Quchbe' "I am not happy"

Not quite.  {Quch jIH} means "I am a forehead" ({Quch} is also a completely 
unrelated noun.)

Here you need to use the verb prefix {jI-} "I [do something]" with the verb 
{Quch} "be happy":

   I am happy

   I am not happy

And in case you were wondering how to say it:

   Quch jIHbe'
   I am not a forehead.

>Human SoH "you are a human", what is "you are not a human"?

   Human SoHbe'

>Human ghaH loD'e' "the man is a human", what is "the man is not a human"?

   Human ghaHbe' loD'e'

>quSDaq jIHtaH "I am on the chair", what is "I'm not on the chair"?

   quSDaq jIHtaHbe'

>quSDaq ghaHtaH loD'e' "the man is on the chair", what is "the man is not on
>the chair"?

   quSDaq ghaHtaHbe' loD'e'

>What is "on the bed" - QongDaqDaq? (E.g. "I sit on the bed" QongDaqDaq jIba')

As odd as it looks, yes.  In fact, we have it in a proverb:

   QongDaqDaq Qotbe' tlhInganpu'
   Klingons do not lie in bed. TKW

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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