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Market Frankfurt

Manager Alisha (


I am not really sure what pagan or old religion spiritual path I
follow, as none really total fit my beliefs.  So I am not sure how I
would really sign a message.  Maybe the best is a good old Celtic

Aye yours;


<!At this rate, South Carolina is going to be a regular in the
fall Thursday night TV lineup. USC has agreed to play its home
game against Kentucky on Oct. 9 as part of ESPN's popular
Thursday night package, Gamecocks assistant head coach Skip
Holtz said Friday. An official announcement is expected by
Monday. The switch means USC now will play two Thursday night
games this season. Earlier this week, the school announced
that the Arkansas game in Little Rock had been moved to
Thursday, Nov. 6.

Kickoff for the Kentucky game is expected to be at 7:30 p.m.
at Williams-Brice Stadium. The game will coincide with ongoing
State Fair activities at the adjacent State Fairgrounds. When
ESPN officials approached USC about moving the Kentucky game to
Thursday, the Gamecocks were willing to do so because they have
an open date the weekend of Oct. 4, Holtz said. Plus, Holtz
added "this would be a Thursday night at our place, which
would be great."

In 2001, the Gamecocks defeated Mississippi State 16-14 in
Starkville on Thursday, Sept. 20, in the first football game
played after 9/11.

<!When I had my conservatory built last year, the builders had to go down
1.4 metres with the trench to hit something solid to build on. A
Readymix lorry delivered the base and 6 guys barrowed it into the back

My next door neighbour is having one built (different builder, and at
much lower cost for a slightly smaller conservatory). There was one guy
hand digging the trench - he started yesterday morning. Don't know how
far down he went, but there wasn't anything like as much earth in the
skip as when mine was dug - indeed, my builders had to get a second
skip because they filled the first one up in a day,

This morning, when I went out (about 8.30), they were just starting to
mix some concrete in a small mixer out on the front lawn to start
pouring the concrete into the trench. By the time I cam back (about 2
pm) there's a three foot high brick wall already built

My concerns are

a) did they dig deep enough
b) have they waited long enough before building the brick on the
</style><img src="";>
(He's away on business, and his wife is out all day at work, and I'm
guessing neither of them has much of a clue of the right way to go
about it, any more than I do really)


I have checked the Default Time Zone setting for the 
default virtual server on SharePoint central 
administration as well as all the individual site 
settings. Every where it is configured to use GMT-06.00 - 
Central Time (US & Canada). However if anyone create or 
modify a document in SharePoint (any site) the time 
showing on SharePoint is different than the system time of 
the same server. Suppose if the current time on the server 
clock is 2.34 AM, then the modified document time on the 
SharePoint would be 1.34 AM. 


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