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Re: jIH

Steven Boozer (

At 02:53 PM Thursday 5/3/2007, naHQun wrote:

>*DallaSDaq jIDabtaHbe'.
>*IndianapolisDaq jIDabtaH.

DajatlhnIS:  <<DALLAS vIDabtaHbe'. INDIANAPOLIS vIDab.>>  <<Dab>> wot 
Dalo'taHvIS, DaqDaq <<-Daq>> moHaq yIlanQo'.

IOW the place is the object of {Dab} "reside in/at, dwell in/at".  And if 
you're saying that you've moved from Dallas to Indianapolis, this is a good 
place to use {-choH} "change in state/direction": {DaH INDIANAPOLIS vIDabchoH}.

>boSwI' jIHbe'.

DALLASDaq nuq DaboSpu'?

>jabwI' jIH.
>'ach puS SopwI'pu' wIghaj~jabwI' jIHbe'; loSwI' jIH  ;o)

jIhagh 'ach DajatlhnIS:  <<SopwI' puS DIghaj.>>

Here you have two clues that {SopwI'} is plural:  {puS} "be few/several/a 
handful" and the prefix {DI-} "we [do something to] them".  (Use {wI-} when 
the object is singular.)   I always prefer to drop plural suffixes whenever 
possible;  it takes advantage of the unusual objective verb prefixes and I 
think feels more Klingon.  YMMV.

SIbI' qIDlIj vIyajpu'.  (I wonder if there's a way to make this work in 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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