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*SuS Qel

naHQun (

DoS DaghoS
     SoS DaloS

'aqroS HoS
     ngep'oS DatoS

Qo'noS DaghoS
     joS loS QonoS
          qoS moS, Qo'noS ghoS SoS

choS DaloSbe', bIQoS--bIjoSbe', yoS Da'oS

SoS woS DaroS
     bInoSchugh, HoS DamoS

tlhoS DungoS *voSmoSghoS


(*SuS Qel Ha'DIbaH 'oS *voSmoSghoS)

Can that which is unsavoury be eaten without salt? or is there any
taste in the white of an egg?
Job 6:6

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